Pop Time:

Let’s be honest, this is the key to furthering any catchers’ career whether it is at the high school, college, or professional levels. Through a combination of drill work, video analysis, and arm strengthening programs it is my belief that my clients can expect to significantly lower their current pop times (insert blurb about core velocity here?)


As catchers enter the upper levels of baseball it is crucial to be able to receive high velocity pitching. Major League Baseball has seen a drastic increase in velocity within the past five years that has had a trickle down effect on the amateur levels. Through the use ATEC pitching machines (have the ability to produce 100+mph fastballs) along with a variety of receiving drills I have developed through both my playing and coaching experience, my catchers can expect to feel relaxed and comfortable regardless of the velocity they will see throughout their catching careers.


Now the real fun starts! For any player looking to be a complete defensive catcher blocking must be a staple of their work behind the plate. An effective blocker not only saves runs for his team but makes his pitchers better knowing they can throw their breaking pitches in the dirt with confidence. Using both mechanical and reactionary blocking drills, catchers will develop effective posture and technique to maximize their blocking ability.