The purpose of D1 is to develop promising young pitchers by improving arm strength, increasing arm whip, and to improve mechanics with core velocity drills. It is my belief that by creating improvement in these three factors, young pitchers will increase velocity, improve the ability to locate their pitches in the strike zone, and increase the distance of their long toss. Through constant repetition, pitchers will develop a strong sense of feel as to how their body is working more efficiently to throw the baseball while, most importantly, alleviating the risks of incurring a significant arm injury.

D1 Bullpen Training

Pitchers will work out with the D1 Bullpens training program twice a week for 1.5 hours every other day. All three programs mentioned below are essentials of the program for each workout. However, during the summer program season, each pitcher needs to be aware of their workload with their summer programs. Long toss and full length bullpens can be adjusted to touch pens, (flat ground 46 ft pens) and something I refer to as grips tossing (changeup or two and four seam grip throwing) or pickoff throwing. Improvement in the areas mentioned in my purpose are the focal point. However, maintaining health and still being able to compete in summer pitching activities at full strength is most important.

  1. Long Toss


  1. Mechanical Drills with and without Core Velocity Belts:


  1. Pens and Touch pens:



Program Goals-

Provide pitching instruction to children and young adults so they can achieve their goals of being successful varsity pitchers and catchers at the high school level and potential college baseball players. The continual work and instruction in the program will enable participants to gain velocity, become mechanically sound, and most importantly avoid injury.